Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Watch Chad Ochocinco Johnson Sending a Message to NFL Teams from the First Take

Chad Ochocinco Johnson sends a message to NFL teams from the First Take debate desk.What do you think of this with Chad Johnson? Watch this video clip after the jump.......


  1. Chad doesn't get it at all, but hopefully one day he will, But in his case its going to take longer because he dosen't get it nor understand it

  2. God gives all of gifts and he can take it back on any given day and he took that gift from Chad Johnson because he did not appreciate it at all, he took that gift that was given as a joke and got besides himself and got lost in the mist of it. God is teaching him a lesson at this point and time in his life.Will he learn and understand that lesson i don't thinking so because he is still the same old Chad Johnson that thinks and feels the world revoles around him and only him.