Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nike Lebron James 10 Sneaker Will Sell For 315 Bucks!? WTF

Looks like the SH!T has hit the fan on the News to the Net about the upcoming Lebron James 9 Sneaker costing 315 bucks! Reports from Yahoo say " Due to rising costs of labor in China, materials like cotton and of shipping, Nike is raising prices on its sneakers up to 10 percent this fall, including the new LeBron X Nike Plus, which will retail at $315"...
 What puzzles me is when they say Materials like cotton, is there really much cotton even on these shoes?!? They dont even really even use leather anymore on these New Basketball shoes. From my understanding the version without NikePlus will retail for 185 bucks which is still is alot of money. At the end of the day, as long as people keep buying..why wouldnt Nike raise the price. people complain and complain but then buy the shoe.Until sales go down on Nike Products...the prices will continue to go up.

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