Sunday, June 29, 2014

Metallica Fan Auctions Late Great Cliff Burton Signed Towel From 28 Years Ago Also Signed By Entire Band

Metallica Fan Auctions Cliff Burton's Signed Towel From 28 Years Ago! The towel was received from Cliff Burton from Metallica when he attended their concert on June 1st, 1986 @ The Peony Park Ballroom in Omaha, NE, (In the photo he has the towel taken with friends and James Hetfield). Cliff Burton was using the towel during the concert to wipe down his sweat & to wipe down his Bass; a little more than halfway through the show, he threw that towel to him. He kept it &  after the show, he got to hang out with the band, and they all signed it. Cliff Burton died 3 months later. he has held onto this for 28 years, never been washed, kept safely, because he was a huge Metallica Fan. He is ready to let it go and You can Check out his Ebay Auction going on now HERE and more images after the jump...............

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