Sunday, March 31, 2013

Watch Kevin Ware Broken Leg Video Gruesome Louisville Injury

 Louisville's Kevin Ware Sustained A Gruesome Leg Injury Against Duke In what was a turning into a classic NCAA Tournament battle between two of the sport's biggest programs, everything stopped. Players dropped to the ground in tears. Then CBS showed the footage. In case you are at all squimish, here's what happened. Kevin Ware, a sophomore guard from the Bronx, went up, rather routinely, to contest a shot right in front of his coach Rick Pitino. When he came down, his leg seemed to snap in half below the knee. Not like a dislocated knee. A compound fracture, which is being called "a broken leg," that medical staff could be seen promptly placing towels over. Gruesome. He is currently at an area hospital. Watch footage after the jump...........

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