Friday, July 20, 2012

Strange Interview With A Smiling Witness At Aurora Colorado Batman #TheaterShooting

Here is a Strange Interview With A Smiling Witness Describing  Bullet Holes In People's Backs At Batman Drak Knight' Massacre , The adrenalyn definitely was flowing though this guy cause he seems like he just got off a ride at a theme park, very weird interview..Watch after the jump.......


  1. they are all very detached many witnesses on cnn smiling as they describe the horror inside the theater.. very strange indeed

  2. This guy is just having a ball. He's just put on a new tshirt, no creases or sweat, and has just lived htrough one of the worst massacres imaginable in a movie theater, and he's describing wounded bodies, people spitting blood, a man shot in the back, bullet holes in bodies, wounded friends, and wheb the interviewer reminds him, tells us about his friend he has no news of... and yet he's having a ball ? Is this for real ?