Friday, March 16, 2012

Jason Russell Of "Kony 2012" Was Detained by Police For Public Masturbation?! WTF

The mastermind behind the now-famous "Kony 2012" video was detained by police in San Diego yesterday for allegedly being drunk in public and masturbating.
Jason Russell was taken into custody by San Diego cops.  In addition to allegedly masturbating, cops say he vandalized cars.
Cops told NBC7 in SD they received several calls around 11:30 AM ... reporting a man in "various stages of undress." Read More After The Jump.......

Sources tell tmz ... Russell was dancing around the Intersection of Ingraham and Riviera wearing "speedo-like underwear" ... and eventually removed the underwear and began to make sexual gestures.

We're told ... it appeared Russell was under the influence of some kind of substance.

Cops told NBC, "Officers detained [Russell] and transferred him to a local medical facility for further evaluation and treatment."

Russell is the father of two, and says he wants to have 9 more kids. 

Russell is the co-founder of Invisible Children as well as the filmmaker of the ultra-viral video which has set records on the Internet -- with more than 80 million view


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