Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chris Brown Attended Rihanna’s Early Birthday Celebration!? WTF

Is the world ready for a Rihanna and Chris Brown reunion? Well, ready or not, it is happening.
Rihanna has recorded a remix to her song “Birthday Cake” featuring Chris Brown, her Grammy-winning ex-boyfriend who was also convicted of assaulting her 3 years ago this month.
Recently, the song’s co-producers, Da Internz, hinted to MTV News, that “the feature on [the remix] is gonna shock the world.” They didn’t exaggerate. Your girl Info confirmed with two independent sources that Rihanna has Chris Brown featured on both the song and the video. He recorded both a singing verse, and a rap verse. (we’ll see if both parts make the final song.)

And as for rumors that Chris Brown attended Rihanna’s early birthday celebration after the Grammys this past weekend….
Yes, that is also true. In fact, Chris arrived at the party with Rihanna. And stayed. It was not a drive-by appearance. And the energy between the two did not appear purely platonic. The party was a small intimate one. Family members, friends, and interestingly enough, management. I imagine there were lots of mixed reactions in the room. (And no, everyone didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement)


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