Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Average Ticket Price For Tonight's Knicks-Heat Game Is $655 And Rising

Tonight, Jeremy Lin and the Knicks roll into AmericanAirlines Arena to face the Heat, and the ticket prices to see the most anticipated regular season game of the season are insane. (Not Linsane. Let’s stop calling things “Linsane” for a second. The ticket prices are merely insane.) Read a break down of the crazy prices after the jump......

According to data from TiqIQ, via’s Tom Haberstroh, the average ticket price for Heat-Knicks was $655 around 10:00 this morning. Considering the average was $100 less the day before, we’re going to go ahead and assume the average price has continued to rise.

Here are a few other tidbits from Haberstroh on the effect Lin has had on ticket prices for tomorrow night’s game.

- The average home ticket price for the Miami Heat is $218.54
- The average price for this Thursdays Knicks @ Heat game is $612.23
- The current get in price (seated) is $131
- The highest priced ticket is in Courtside South Row AA for $9,400+
- This match up between the Knicks and Heat is 122.1% higher then their match up earlier in the season in Miami ($275.66)
- This is game is 180.2% higher then the Heat’s home average ticket price
- The average price for this game has risen 178% since Tuesday 2/7 (day after Lin’s first start ($220.23)

Right now, the lowest ticket you can technically get is on eBay, for a single seat in section 140. Again, we’re assuming that price is going to go up before tomorrow night, so good luck lonely guy in section 140.


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