Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adam Levine Speaks About Christina Aguilera's Weight Gain

Christina Aguilera has been subjected to serious criticism since packing on some extra pounds and flaunting her fuller figure in skin-tight outfits. And while Xtina's weight has absolutely nothing to do with fellow 'The Voice' judge/mentor Adam Levine, the star was still asked to comment on the topic by Howard Stern during a recent interview. Talk about being put in an awkward position! Read more after the jump.........

"This is a sensitive subject for women, but why do you think she's gotten so heavy?" Stern asked Levine, whose waifish Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Anne V was by his side for the interview. "Is she upset?" the host pried, adding, "She used to be so f---ing hot ... And her clothes are too tight, right?"

Levine was quick to respond, agreeing, "Her clothes are tight. She likes to wear tight clothes." He went on to comment on Xtina's apparent body confidence and diva attitude. "She clearly likes to talk about being comfortable with being a woman and snapping her fingers and doing the whole thing," Adam said snapping his own fingers and mockingly swishing his head from side to side.

"When you're a plus-size woman, you can't wear the tight clothes anymore," Stern insisted, at which point Adam decided to semi-stick up for his colleague. "I wouldn't go that far, actually," he said. When asked what size Aguilera is, Levine ended the Christina bashing. "I'm keeping my f---ing mouth shut!" he said.

While Christina has come out to publicly proclaim her love of her fuller figure, recent reports have suggested her behavior on the set of 'The Voice' indicate otherwise. Allegedly her diva demands for slimming camera angles and countless re-shoots to make sure she appears as thin as possible are getting on everyone's, including Levine's, nerves.

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