Thursday, January 12, 2012

Exclusive News! Drake Beefing With Twist From The Fresh Beat Band!?

Drake Beefing With Twist From The Fresh Beat Band!? Ofcourse NOT but you gotta admit seeing this image of them together looks like this is more Drakes speed as far as someone to beef with verse the rappers like Ludacris,Pusha T and Common who he has been feuding with  . Its just rediculous how Drake is creating this tough guy image and people are actually taking it seriously. Im think drake is so talented but cmon with this new lane Aubrey is on now and I bet Twist could beat up Drake!LMAO . Unless you have kids,you prolly have no clue who the Fresh Beat band is so I posted a link after the jump.....
Id bet Twist can beat up Drake!

1 comment:

  1. Does drake need a helping leg.... I mean hand in cutting up this beef to eat it? I mean we all love masticating but what's drake gonna sound like with all that beef in his mouth? He may sound like the telephone callers on Charlie brown. Whaamp wha waaaamp wha wha wha....